When we met back in May I promised to let you have a note relating to the Pension INSETs which your team delivered at the start of the summer term. There were three INSETs, two for the teaching staff and one for the non-teaching staff, and I am delighted to report that all three were very favourably received.

Feedback from the teachers indicates that they found the content extremely informative and, indeed, they thought that INSETs were a great idea.

The non-teaching INSET was particularly successful. Out of 130 invites sent out, some 56 members of staff came to the meeting which was far more than we anticipated. As a result of the meeting a significant number of staff joined the scheme and the Q&A session following the presentation was much appreciated by many staff.

Overall this was an extremely positive exercise and I would be most grateful if you could pass on our belated, but nonetheless, genuine thanks to all thereof your team. We are most grateful.