I am very happy to write a short review, since Affinity has made some excellent presentations to the teaching staff at both Westminster and Clifton, where I have served as Head Master, and provided valuable financial advice to me personally.

It is the personal touch that means so much, together with the skill in explaining financial planning, particularly pensions, in straightforward terms. For me and members of my staff, that is the secret of Affinity’s success.

Teaching is all about people, and we know that, while there are core principles relevant to all, all are also different. Thus Affinity’s individual approach strikes an important chord. Teachers do not enter the profession to become rich, nor do they appreciate cant. So the reassuring personal advice, which puts the client first, without any hint of financial mystification is very appealing.

The personal touch goes deeper: there is a real attempt to get to know the client, not in any intrusive sense in order to sell more policies, as some advisers do; but to enter into the spirit of the client and his or her family; and to understand their aims and then work with them to make it happen.

Finally, and more personally – being a Head Master can be lonely. You are always thinking about and helping others, and there is rarely anyone to help you. In particular, you are mostly concerned with the school’s finances, not your own. So it is really good to know that Affinity cares, is ‘on your side’. There is mutual trust. Of course one pays for the service, but there is a real sense in which the relationship transcends that.