I think the starting point is that I am not interested in money, its management or amounts, just so long as I have enough to spend on things I want to do! I do not like the acronyms or the terminology associated with finance. And I resent the manner, as opposed to the amount, by which I am taxed.

It will be no surprise that I want matters made simple. Just ask me a question that demands a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer. There is no point me appointing a company to manage my finances if I ignore your advice. Therefore I expect you to embrace the moral responsibility for my future welfare as well as the legal responsibility to provide sound advice.

This is important because I make decisions on the basis of people, not the products which are offered. The relationship with Doug has grown and is an important part of the deal. I believe Doug will act in my best interests. I have also been impressed with your client management and feel that I have some relationship with other members of the team, but Doug is the core.