Independent Schools Consulting

Succession Independent Schools specialises in providing up to the minute financial and management consultancy to the UK’s Independent Schools, Colleges and employees.

We are retained by many of the country’s leading Independent Schools as their trusted advisers as we consistently demonstrate an efficient, ethical, friendly service that translates the technical jargon of the financial world into Plain English.

We are the longest running UK team that specialises in working with Governors, Head Teachers, Bursars and all Staff members. We understand the financial issues they face.

We understand the challenges faced by many within the Sector and have developed a range of services to fit our clients’ needs; this ensures the most appropriate decisions are made at the right time, with the aim to secure financial independence. We look to establish and maintain on-going relationships, however of course also recognise that some clients may simply need us on a one off basis.

For more information about the services we provide, please browse the site.